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Lori McCarthy
Based in NYC & Martha's Vineyard

Contact me - 


cell: (508) 525-5003

I have  worked as an editor and post producer in New York City for over a decade, editing and producing docu-series for HGTV, the Travel Channel, Food Network, and Investigation Discovery as well as short form and feature length documentary and narrative films.


Before I began my career in media, I worked with various social and environmental justice organizations. I have worked as a victim advocate for Victim Witness, as an educational program assistant for Planned Parenthood, and as a women's advocate at a domestic violence shelter. In Northern Arizona, I learned a tremendous amount about environmental justice while volunteering with the Black Mesa Water Coalition. It was there that I met Indigenous Rights activist, Klee Benally. I volunteered as a production assistant on some of his documentary projects and this experience inspired me to combine my own passions for art, storytelling, and social justice through documentary filmmaking. 


Following that experience, I studied documentary filmmaking at the Gulf Islands Film and TV School in British Columbia, completed the Activist Media Production Program at the Z Media Institute in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and then moved to New York City where I obtained a BA in Documentary Film and Cultural Studies at The New School University.  


Now, I am implementing the skills I've developed as an editor and post producer to create compelling character-driven documentaries that spread awareness, promote empathy, and inspire people to take action against injustice.

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